Instead of luring your customer to your stand, take your stand to your customer!  Personal, innovative and qualitatively.


Your own event, revolving all around you! Have it on your own territory (office grounds) or think of booking a location. Everything in your style according to your values.


The square meters are booked already. Let’s fill it up! Have you thought about a completely new lay out, without needing to travel the slightest amount? The new physical contact.


Even though we don’t believe the virtual trade fairs can fully replace the real life one, we cán combine best of both worlds! A custom made 360 presentation in which you can invite those at home to your stand anyway!


Do you have your own idea/suggestion, but haven’t figured out how to shape it? Nothing is too wild for us, that’s why we would love to brainstorm and help you realize your idea.


Receiving your customers/clients in the office is -mildly- allowed again! But is your office inviting enough and does it (still) suit your brand values?

We understand that many compagnies still live in uncertainty and physical trade fairs are not top priority. Yet doing something is better than not doing anything. 

And as the holiday kilos are replacing the christmas kilos we shall have to put ourselves to work/ get back on that horse. Are you planning your sprint along with us, to end 2021 fit and healthy?

Attract and choose employees who start their day fit and actively. Working out in the morning results in an endorphin rush throughout the day. Your employee will enjoy this feeling for the rest of the day!

You activate your brain when working out and immediately notice its positive influence on the results.

The employee works not only in a more structured manner, it also leads to improvement of focus and a feeling of overall wellbeing.